We at Century Antiques specialize in the highest quality antique stained glass, antique glass, jeweled lamp; beveled glass, stained glass transoms, religious stained glass, and antique stained glass doors from the 19th Century.

If you are looking for a stained glass entry way, antique stained glass transom, or landing window for your home, Century Antiques is the place to shop!

We have a fabulous collection of stained glass windows to satisfy a significant quantity of customers across the world.

Our genuine antique stained glass windows are inspected for quality and individually selected to make spectacular pieces for architectural elements, landing area windows, or artwork to grace the interior or exterior of your estate.

Note: The items featured on our website is a small selection of the windows we have available.

Click on the images below to view a larger image as well as the dimensions and price.

Win019 Oval Stained Glass Window
Win025 Stained & Jeweled Grape Fruit Window
Win030 Stained Glass Sheild & Ribbon Design
Win044 Gothic Helmet  & Sheild
Win060 Stained Glass Window with Shield Design
Win064 Stained & Beveled Glass Shield with Apple Tree Design
Win065 Transome Victorian Stained, Beveled, & Jeweled Glass Window with Oak Frame
Win067 Stained Glass Window
Win076 Jeweled Grape Stained Glass Window
Win077 Arch Stained Glass Window
Win079 Arch Beveled Glass with Stained Glass CornersWin090 Geometric Victorian Transom Window
Win097 Stained Glass Window WIth Painted Grapes
Win104 Fully Beveled Transom Window
Win109 Stained Glass Transom Window
Win110 Stained Glass Transom Window With Ribbons
#116 stained&clear jeweled combo arch  30h 46 1/2 long
#136 stained and bevel combo 18/12 h 92 in long
#137 stained and bevel combo 17 wide 52long
#164 stained glass window h20in w42in
#169 arts & crafts stained window
#183  stained glass glue chip ern 32in w 31h
#196 stained glass figural window in light up box  31h 20w
#199 stained glass arch with jeweles 63in by 38
#208 pair of geometrical  windows there is a pair of them they are 295. 00 each
#231 stained glass combo with bevels
#231 stained and beveled combo
#244 victorian stained glass window  28 by 33in
#270 great beveled glass window 39 by 21 1/2 inches
#280 arts and crasfts window 32 by 38 inches
#288 beveled glass window  ht 23 in lenght 44 1/2
#291  stained glass window ht 25 in w 40 in
#292 beveled windw with cut jewels  ht 46 1/2 in w21 in
#293 beveled window with rondels and sheild 22 by 22
#306 stained glass window with cut jewels 3ft by47 1/2 in#307 stained glass arch
#308 31 by 67 stained and jeweled combo window
#309 stained glass arched transom 75 in by 19 1/2
#310 stained glass window 26 by 78 1/2
#311 stained glass with jewels 40 1/2  by 23 in
#316 stained glass window 36 3/4 w  39 3/4
#319 arch beveled window
#320 all beveled and jeweled combo 54 by 211/2
#321 stained glass window 241/2 by36
#322 stained glass window 39 by 31
#323 stained glass window with jewels
#324 stained glass double hung window 75 by 40 1300
#329 stained glass window 23 1/2 t 351/2 wide
#330 stained glass grape windows there is a pair 25 in tall 34 in wide 875 each
# 331 2 stained glass poppy flower windows 3250 each
# 332  stained glass art neaveau window 38 1/2 by 56
#333 stained glass rudy bros window 45 by 53
#334 stained glass window 30 by 56in
#335 stained glass window 33 by 43
#336 stained glass window 32 by 32 1/2
#337 stained glass window 28 1/2 by 36 1/2 495 each