Table Lamps

Add a little light to your home with our expansive and stylish collection of lamps. We offer lighting for every room in your home, from buffet lamps for the dining room to desk lamps for your study, table lamps for the living room and more. To brighten your end table or nightstand, try a well placed accent lamp.

Discover the vast selection thats waiting for you, like elegant Tiffany lamps. With so many designs to choose from and our affordable pricing, you're sure to find something to complement your home.

Note: The items featured on our website is a small selection of the lamps we have available.

Click on the images below to view a larger image as well as the dimensions and price.

#6 pr gothic side lamps 25 in tall
#10 alabaster lady lamp 29 1/2 in tall 16 in shade
#12 leade glass table lamp
#14 curved glass panel lamp
#16 Wishing Well Jeweled Brass Shade with Spelter Base
#17 Six Panel Scenic Lamp with Rainbow Glass Backround
#18 Pink Floral Leaded Glass Lamp
#19 Signed Pair Point Lamp with Blue Birds of Paradise
#20 Leaded Four Panel Pansy Lamp
#21 Panel Swan Base Lamp with Birds on a Trellis Silver Patina
#22 Six Panel Scenic Trees & Church Border
#23 Spelter 5 Light Lady Lamp with Fruit Bowl
#25 Signed Base Bradley & Hubbard with Birds and Flowers
#27Beautiful Dresden Lamp
#29 pairpoint teroma 18in shade diia 231/2tall
#31 art deco lamp 1920s 10in tall 11in wide
#32 reverse painted wind mill lamp  jeanette glass co 16in
34 leaded panel lamp
#35 slag glass panel lamp great multi coler glass
#38 jefferson lamp co reverse painted 18in dia  23 in tall
#44 reverse painted pheonix  13 1/2 in
#45 reverse painted 16 in pittsburg lamp co#48 3 light newel post light 32 in tall
#50 jennet lamp company
#52 pittsburg lamp company
#54 art deco alabaster lamp
#61 slag glass panel lamp with light up base lighthouse
#67  american cut glass lamp with crystals 22 in tall
#70 handel boudoir lamp
#71 handel damaged
#72 newel post lamp 25 in tall
#73 leaded glass catail lamp
#74 royal art glass 17 1/2 1915
#75 art nouveau bronze table lamp
#77 art deco lamp with shade
#78 art deco lamp with shade
#79 harp bronze telescopic desk lamp gold aurene
#80 arts and crafts lamp with faceted jeweles
#81 2 light newel post lamp with crystal shade covers
#82stained leaded glass lamp
#83 slag glass lamp